Our Programmes

SRIC conducts focused applied research in the areas of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW), peace building and conflict transformation, security sector reforms, crime and related security issues. The organization compiles, analyze, publish and disseminate information on specific geographical areas (or counties) where violence is on the increase and security of the people is threatened.

The research addresses root causes of conflict, tools of violence, potential for reconciliation and improved security and disposal of excess and recovered firearms.

Products of thus programme include: the Kenya crime surveys, research reports and publications, newspaper articles and analysis and media documentaries and briefings.

SRIC offers technical assistance to RESCA and KNFP in the implementation of the Sub-regional instruments on Small Arms and Light weapons. The organization focuses on:

  1. Participation and facilitation of member state experts meetings.
  2. Participation and facilitation of member state experts meetings.
  3. Technical guidance in the formulation and implementation of the National Action Plans (NAPs) and National firearms policies.
  4. Civil society mobilization and networking in response to the regional instruments.
  5. Public education and awareness raising.
  6. Training and capacity building.

SRIC is engaged in:

  1. Reconciliation efforts at grassroots, national and sub-regional levels.
  2. Conducting research on the causes, levels, manifestations and impact of conflict.
  3. Peace building initiatives, including training and capacity building.
  4. Lobbying governments and other actors to address the negative impacts of conflicts.
  5. Developing and participation in conflict early warning and response mechanism and,
  6. Building networks and partnerships for peace.

SRIC is involved in security sector reforms undertaken by the government in the region through participating in and offering capacity building to relevant government agencies, working closely with the government alongside other stakeholders on the rollout and implementation of community policing, policy formulation and relevant training for civil society and government officials. The organization actively participates in the development of national crime, peace and security and arms control and management strategies for the regional governments.

SRIC is engaged in the survey and publication of data on crime, addressing organized crime, human trafficking and terrorism. We have established strategic partnership with government, police and private security companies to enrich output in this area and influence policy on crime prevention and building the capacities of stakeholders in community policing and crime prevention.